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Cosplay Corner: Gamescom Edition 8/24/2013

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Ya know, I don’t think that Europeans are putting their all into the cosplay at their largest gaming convention.  I’m not referring to those who are payed to be at the convention either. ...

Bioware Designer Reveals Mass Effect Ideas That Didn’t Make The Cut

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Shepard getting taken over by Reaper tech? Tali being unmasked as a big eyed cat like alien? Super creepy giant baby Reapers? These are just some of the ideas that long time Bioware designer Matt Rh ...

Aliens: Colonial Marines Review (PC)

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    “Allright, sweethearts, you heard the man and you know the drill! Assholes and elbows!” Oh Gearbox, how you have broken my heart.  I was willing to look past the farce that was Duke Nu ...