Playstation 4’s Transistor Continues To Impress

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Supergiant’s upcoming top-down isometric RPG Transitor was impressive the first time we saw it at E3 2013.  PAX Prime looks to be no different as Transistor sported some of the longest lines of the show.  Rabid fans were practically climbing over one another for a  glimpse at some of the game’s abundance of awesome.

If you are not familiar with Transistor, SCEA Media Specialist Justin Massongill and fellow Transistor advocate gives a great overview from PAX on the Playstation Blog.

Combat in Transistor initially plays like a standard action RPG: attack enemies to gain experience points and level up your character. Things get interesting, though, when the “Turn” system is introduced. At any point during a battle, you can pull the R2 trigger to stop time around Red, Transistor’s protagonist. While her foes are frozen, Red can reposition herself and plan a series of attacks, all of which will be executed in quick succession when you press R2 again.

Each movement and attack depletes a meter at the top of the screen, so you need to think your assault through carefully — wiping out a field of monsters (The Process, as they’re called here) in one meticulously-planned onslaught is intensely satisfying. After time resumes and your attack is finished, your Turn meter takes a few seconds to recharge, leaving you vulnerable while your enemies seek to retaliate. This prevents battles from becoming tooone-sided, which is quite a feat in a game where you can freeze time.

Four attacks were available in the demo I played: Crash, a standard, close-range attack; Breach, which is especially effective for enemies lined up in front of Red; Jaunt, a quick dash that will get her out of harm’s way quickly; and Spark, a cluster of bombs that will make short work of a crowd of smaller enemies. Mix these different attacks up after activating a Turn, and The Process will know not to mess with Red.

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Source: Playstation Blog