Pixel Apocalypse Podcast: Episode 96 "Xbox Off, Xbox Off, Xbox Off!"

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Title: Pixel Apocalypse Podcast Episode 96

Hosts: Nathan Schmidt, Joe Anello

Soundboard: Scotty D

Runtime: 1:14:12

Intro/Outro Music: Nookie – Limp Bizkit

On this week’s episode of the Pixel Apocalypse Podcast Nathan Schmidt and Joe Anello discuss why they are giving The Last of Us a pass for the time being, and why High Moon Studio’s Deadpool is a study in video game duplicity. Microsoft is not packaging a headset with the Xbox One which leads to the second installment of Pixel Apocalypse Theatre. Never missing a chance to blow some momentum, Sony’s Playstation Network has some pricing issues this week. Finally, the boys wrap it up with some Wii U, and Ouya talk!

Thanks to Xavi3R on Steam for the free copy of Dota 2! You are the tops man:)

Nate’s Note: I’m rebuilding our Itunes feed this week to make it a bit cleaner and easier to find. All the latest episodes are available now, and the older episodes will be added back in throughout the week. As always, if something goes wonky with your feed unsubscribe and then resubscribe. This should fix any issues. If not feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll do my best to help fix it;)

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