Pixel Apocalypse Podcast: Episode 90 “Infinity…..Really Microsoft?”

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Title: Pixel Apocalypse Podcast: Episode 90
Hosts: Nathan Schmidt, Joe Anello
Soundboard: Scotty D
Runtime: 1:05:16
Intro/Outro Music: Yoda – Weird Al Yankovic

On this week’s episode of the Pixel Apocalypse Podcast Nathan Schmidt talks about his experiences in the Marvel Heroes open beta and tries to convince Joe to build a gaming PC. The next Xbox has a name, and it’s Infinity *snicker*. Dice’s Battlefield 3 servers are getting DDOS attacks, and officially ruined double xp weekend. Finally the boys wrap up the show talking about Electronic Arts dropping the biggest news of 2013 thus far!!!

Nate’s Note: If you have any problems with the Itunes feed not updating just unsubscribe and then resubscribe. That should fix any issues.

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