Insomniac Announces Ratchet & Clank: Into The Nexus

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Those Playstation 3 owners worried that their consoles might suffer from lack of use this holiday season thanks to the ever impending Playstation 4, fear not! Insomniac has the answer to “What the hell am I going to play on my Playstation 3 over Christmas break?”

Announced late yesterday on the official Playstation Blog, Insomniac will be releasing Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus this fall with the game retailing for $29.99.

According to Insomniac, Into the Nexus will take the beloved franchise back to a single player narrative and act as a epilogue to the future games. Under the watchful eye of long time Insomniac Creative Director Brian Allgeier, Into the Nexus will see Ratchet & Clank visiting the scariest sector of space they’ve encountered to date. Don’t start quaking in your space booties just yet though, our boys will be equipped with more than enough new weapons in their arsenal to win the day.

“As you can see from the trailer, Into the Nexus has a bunch of crazy new weapons and gadgets. Gravity is one of the themes of Into the Nexus: you’ll experience zero-g space, you’ll use gravity-defying new gadgets, and you’ll manipulate gravity to solve brand new Clank puzzles.” – James Stevenson // Community Lead for Insomniac

IGN’s Colin Moriarty got a little quality time with our heroes in alpha form, and dropped a few details on new additions to said arsenal. The Nightmare Box scares enemies into fleeing for their worthless hides, the Winterizer which turns enemies into snowmen while playing Jingle Bells, and the Repulsor which will allow Ratchet to suspend baddies in mid-air. New grenade types like the black hole generating Vortex, which will capture and hold enemies in it’s gravity sound interesting as well. Although, I’m most excited to see how Ratchet’s new Grav Tether ability works. The Grav Tehter is a Portal-esque ability allowing Ratchet to travel between portals in the environment by generating a beam which connects the portals together.

Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus looks to delight fans with a more traditional Ratchet & Clank experience this fall. Look for it in retail and digital formats for $29.99!

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