EA Looking To Increase The Price Of Playstation 4 Games Overseas

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Thanks to an FAQ on the UK’s online games retailer website GAME (really…that’s the name of the site), we have learned that only one major third party publisher has confirmed the next-gen pricing for their games.

That third party publisher is good ol’ Electronic Arts, and it looks like the ‘Evil Empire’ we all know and loathe is trying to pull a fast one this generation by increasing the retail price of their titles by $5 overseas.

“At present, the only publisher to confirm costs of their next generation games are EA, attaching a price of £54.99. No other game prices have been confirmed. We will of course update our listings as and when this happens. And if the price changes before release day, you will always pay the lowest price.”

After a strong E3 2013 showing, many a gamer (including myself) found themselves hating on EA just a little bit less after things like the cancelling of the ‘Online Pass’ program and the Mirror’s Edge 2 announcement. All those warm and fuzzies must have been too much for EA, as once again the internet’s vitriol has risen to a crescendo over the price hike…

“Putting aside the fact that it’s EA, is there actually any real justification for such an increase?

We’ve heard from multiple sources that it’s quicker and easier to code for next-gen consoles (specifically for PS4 as opposed to PS3, with development time said by Cerny himself to be back down to PS1 levels), and the new hardware is not unlike a PC.

So if anything, surely the cost of development in terms of time and difficulty has come down – if not enough to allow them to reduce the rrp, then at least enough to negate any increase due to (in theory) ‘larger’ and more complex games.

I mean, as the PC elitists are always so keen to point out, that platform has had several generational hardware increases in the time PS3 and 360 have been around, but their prices haven’t increased by £5 a time” – Paranomia / Push Square

With blockbusters like Battlefield 4 just on the horizon, the $5 increase probably will not effect EA’s sales numbers all that much. Although I think it’s safe to say that the move certainly hasn’t improved their ‘wallet-rapey’ reputation with the hardcore audience.

Source: Push Square